Pack Coordinator for District Events

Every pack must have a minimum of one pack coordinator identified for each district event in which the pack participates to assist the event staff. District events are run by volunteers and a successful event cannot be held without a sufficient number of volunteers. The pack can have the same pack coordinator for all district events or different pack coordinators for each event.

Job Description:

Promotes the event within the pack.
Attends the volunteer orientation meeting (held before the event before roundtable).
 Ensures the pack provides enough volunteers to do an assigned job during the event (e,g, set up, clean up, check-in, judging). Typically this means asking two or three parents of Scouts attending the event to do a small task.
The twilight camp pack coordinator also: 

Collects and turn-ins required paperwork and checks for completeness (e.g., Annual Health and Medical Record). 
Ensures the pack has a minimum of one adult volunteer for every three registered Scouts. 



Pack Coordinator Meetings 
(held on the at 6:30 pm before round table or as event chair request)

Fishing Tournament  September
Webelos Woods November
Rocket Day September
Pushmobile February 
Twilight Camp April 

Pack Coordinator Registration Form