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The BSA® Adopt-a-School Program is an exciting and comprehensive undertaking that will connect Scout packs, troops and crews across the country with schools in their communities. Participating Scouts then work, within clearly defined guidelines, to partner with school administrations and offer the volunteer services that most efficiently meet their school’s needs. With each unit offering their school a minimum one-year commitment, meaningful community relationships are built and significant changes will happen in the schools.

The hope at the heart of Adopt-a-School is to build strong, sustaining relationships with these schools… creating thousands of lasting community partnerships across the U.S. Through committed volunteer efforts – from landscaping and clean-up outside the school building to Scouts’ active participation in school events throughout the year – the BSA will become a defined presence in improving our nation’s schools.

It's an easy program that helps build relationships with your schools. Relationships are important to the success of any unit. Four service projects and get a patch. Everyone benefits!

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Adopt-a-School is an exciting and comprehensive new BSA program that connects Scouts with the schools in their community. BSA Adopt-A-School brings Scouts to perform community service that meets your school’s needs. Some of the great projects Scouts have done include:

  • Flag ceremonies
  • Gardening projects
  • Donated and installed signs
  • Helped out with Fall Festivals

Great new projects are posted on the blog weekly. Each participating unit pledges to perform a quarterly service project for your school during a minimum one-year commitment.

The person with the strongest connection to the school (e.g., commissioner, district executive, unit leader, chartered organization representative) should contact the principal first before making a commitment.  Then, involve teachers and the PTA on an as-needed basis.

Unit commitment: Our unit pledges to adopt a school for a period of one year. We will fulfill our commitment by completing a minimum of one volunteer service project per quarter. We look forward to working with the principal and staff to identify the school’s needs and establish a plan that will bring meaningful progress.

We are honored to serve in this way, and through sustained volunteer service we hope to contribute to the advancement of this school and to the spirit of community between our Scouts and our adopted school.

After each completed project, Scouts will receive an Adopt-A-School patch rocker in recognition of their participation and accomplishments. To receive the rockers, please send the unit number, unit leader contact information (i.e., name, email, phone, address), school name, number of Scouts who participated and a brief description of service to Dominique Vega.

Please share photos of your projects on the Sam Houston Area Council Facebook page.